Dull Ache

Dull Ache is a 40 page, black and white comic/zine/booklet thing that collects a few odd comics that were lying around, some sketchbook pages and an original comic called ‘Beds’. I intended it to be the first in a series of self published collections of B/W comics and drawings but I’m not sure about the future of it now. I will definitely put out something along these lines again in the future but it may not be in the form of a Dull Ache 2.



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3 Responses to Dull Ache

  1. Found your site from a link on the London Comic Con web-site. You get my vote for a Dull Ache No.2. So much detail. You look through it again and again and always spot something new.

    Only just getting back into comic collecting. Can’t wait to visit London for your book signing at Gosh Comic shop and will most likely visit the Nobrow shop as well.

    • Luke Pearson says:

      Thanks! I really don’t know if Dull Ache 2 will happen. I’m so busy doing other stuff and I don’t really have many offcuts knocking about and demanding to be compiled at this point in time. And if I did, I’d probably put it out under a different title as I wouldn’t want people to feel like they were missing something by not having the first one. Calling it ‘No. 1′ was silly maybe. Thanks a lot though and looking forward to meeting you in London!

  2. Antônio says:

    Maybe one day you will print this again? I will be really glad if i can buy a copy

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