Some People Deluxe

My ‘Some People’ comic is now in print! The print version includes the 4 page comic (the way it was originally intended), two pages of the planning work that went into it, an illustrated interior and a wrap around cover.


You can buy it in my store now, or you can read it online here.


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4 Responses to Some People Deluxe

  1. Kent says:

    Just got a copy and looks great! Thanks Luke, keep doing what you do :)

  2. Sev says:

    I really want a Poster of this or a at least the Comic, why is it sold out? This peace is great

  3. Villar, Carl says:

    I really like your comics, especially, “Some People”. Keep up the good work.

  4. Lily says:

    I’m only 11 but I lLOVE all the Hilda comics and have ordered some people really exited

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