Little White Lies – Black Swan Issue


In December 2010 I illustrated the back section of Little White Lies’ Black Swan issue. It was loads of fun. I did the above Black Swan illustration based on the trailer alone and I feel like I might have approached it a little differently after I’d seen it. Also, I can’t get over how lucky I am to have gotten to draw Leatherface for an interview with Tobe Hooper. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is my favourite horror film and one of my favourite films full stop.



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2 Responses to Little White Lies – Black Swan Issue

  1. Splotthelen says:

    I love all the stuff on your new site but particulalry like this stuff. It really reminds of a book I used to own of Cold War Russian propaganda posters!

  2. Bryndizzle says:

    You say you would have done the Black Swan one differently If you had seen the film, having seen the film I think your piece is a fantastic representation.
    I only found you and your website today via a friend posting a like to your Deviant Art page on my Facebook. I love your work and will try to keep an eye out for it! :) B

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