Everything We Miss


This is the first seven pages of ‘Everything We Miss’, which is available to buy here.


It’s 34 pages, 155 x 220 mm, 3 spot colours and hardback.

First 500 pre-orders get this limited edition A2 poster.

I’m doing a short July/August signing tour to support it, so come and see me and let me draw in your copy!


This is what Martin Steenton has to say about it:

“Have you ever wondered what goes on in your life when you’re looking the other way? Perhaps you’re so drawn into what’s going on with you that you fail to notice the events taking place to your periphery—or even right under your nose? In Everything We Miss, Luke Pearson explores the dying days of a failing relationship through the infinitesimal unseen moments that surround it—and us.

Emotionally eroded and on the edge of separation, the central couple are going through the classic stages of growing apart. Absorbed by insecurity, indifference, and steadily-growing resentment, they fail to notice the strange happenings that surround their final moments together. Sometimes magical, sometimes mundane, these unnoticed fragments of existence weave together and hang disconcertingly over their lives, isolated yet all-encompassing.

As the couple move through the processes of breaking up, the line between reality and fiction is obscured. Their narrative unfolds as much through their dysfunction as through that of their environment itself: formless spectres rise through the floorboards, directly gripping their jaws and tongues in order to make their dissatisfaction audible; unbeknownst to them, their living room has become overrun by a colony of voyeuristic otherworldly creatures; outside, just for a moment, a dog whispers something under its breath; and somewhere, in someone, a cancer grows—silently and undetected.

Luke Pearson’s most ambitious project to date, Everything We Miss is a poignant and bitingly empathetic graphic novella from one of the most exciting young creators in British comics. As well as an essential showcase of Pearson’s astonishing visual talent and storytelling ability, this is a book for anyone who’s ever experienced the complex emotionality of loss, or agonised about what they have yet to find.”

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19 Responses to Everything We Miss

  1. Danny Andrade says:

    Let me start by congratulate you on your incredible art, it’s really amazing.
    I would like to know, if there’s any chance to get your books down here in México I discover your art not long ago, and would like to get a copy of them. if you alrey have copy’s down here, please let me know where to buy them.
    Thanks it advance

    • Luke Pearson says:

      Hi Danny. Thanks a lot! You can’t get them in Mexico at the moment, but hopefully one day! You’d have to get them shipped I’m afraid.

  2. Hey there! This comic looks right up my street. The story telling reminds me of Dave McKean’s Cages and Pictures That Tick. This is the kind of work that keeps my faith in comics, and shows how powerful the medium can be.

  3. Hi Luke,

    Congratulations! The second to the last page is heart wrenching. It resurface a memory from the crevices of my brain -____- I can’t wait to read the rest of this! I just ordered the book. I hope they start distributing in Asia.


  4. t says:

    I absolutely love your latest comic! your work is so poetic and beautiful; it scares me a bit how someone else can express our own fears, feelings, thoughts but it also gives me hope, that maybe, we can connect with others & the world around us and see the trees dancing…

  5. James says:

    Hi, I picked this up in the nobrow shop today and really love it. Good work!

  6. Alex says:

    Hi Luke,

    I bought ‘Everything We Miss’ on Saturday, it’s Monday today and I must have read this book 5 times already.
    I think it’s absolutely sublime, from the drawing, to the colours, to the layouts, and the book itself is gorgeous to hold.
    I can’t remember buying a comic recently that I’ve enjoyed so much.
    I just wished I’d caught the book signing tour you did when the book was released.

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  9. Elpida says:

    I’ve picked the Everything we Miss today. I absolutely love it! The story is great, the illustrations are great, the paper is great, its smell is great, … it is just great!

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  11. Rachele says:

    I really loved this graphic novel!!!
    in fact I decided to use it for my translation project at uni.
    I am translating it in Italian because I think it’s a shame that you are not translated in my country.
    Your work is great!!!


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  13. Anon says:

    Your comics bring back old memories, often painful ones. Almost makes me teary eyed as I write this behind a computer screen. I both love and hate your work for it.

  14. Eleanor says:

    I normally never buy comics first hand; I only ever borrow them from friends or buy them online for a lower price. But after reading your short comic ‘Some People’ online, I fell in love with your work, and found myself asking about your other books in my local Travelling Man. It was a toss up between Everything We Miss and Hilda and the Midnight Giant, and I finally decided to go with this one on recommendation. I treasured each page; each drawing. It now sits proudly on my shelf, and I’m glad to say it’s my first ever shop-bought comic, and I will always enjoy it as such. I loved it so much, I can’t wait to go back next week to get Hilda and the Midnight Giant!
    Your art is so easy to fall in love with; your storytelling supreme. Just holding the book feels amazing! The pages are such a high quality and the colours draw me in straight away. It contains a magical and charming quality that played on my heartstrings more than anything else I’ve read. Please don’t ever stop creating these beautiful pieces of artwork; these fascinating stories. They will always be treasured by your fans.

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  17. Erin says:

    My illustration teacher recently pointed me in your direction, so I picked up this book as soon as I could. This book is beautiful, heart wrenching, and your colours are breathtaking. You’re such an inspiration!

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