Nobrow Shop

Nobrow asked me to do a picture of their shop front because in reality it’s obscured by two fugly lamp posts. It’s not 100% accurate, the real thing doesn’t actually say ‘Nobrow Ltd.’ on the top, but in my opinion it totally should. If you’re in London you should definitely stop by.


Not only can you buy my comics Hildafolk and (soon) Everything We Miss there along with stuff by other No-bro’s like Jack Teagle and Mikkel Sommer, but there are also comics from afar, such as those put out by Koyama Press, making it a good comics shop in its own right. Plus there’s prints, crazy toys and a regularly refreshed exhibition space which is exhibiting somebody pretty cool at any given time.


So get your butt down to 62 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3QR, London.

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  1. mlhope says:

    This is great, the black fill does some amazing stuff for the line art!

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