Hilda and The Midnight Giant – Cover


I’m pleased to say my new book is available for pre-order now!

It’s 40 pages, 215 x 300 mm and full colour.


This is a follow up to Hildafolk, my 24-pager of one year ago, but it’s more of a reboot than a sequel and is hopefully the first of a series of albums exploring the same world.

Excitingly, there is also a French version, which you can pre-order here!


Will post more soon, but here’s what Paul Gravett has very kindly said about it:

“From Hildafolk to Everything We Miss, Luke Pearson seems to have a ‘thing’ about the unseen, the invisible, those uncanny occurrences and critters sharing our world but never being noticed by us. Hilda and the Midnight Giant pursues this fixation. Little Hilda is back, savvy and sweet, all big eyes, pointy nose, blue hair, freckles, beret and big boots. She longs to stay in the home with her Mum where she was born, high in the hills, deep in the countryside. But the local “hidden people” have other ideas and have been bombarding the household with tiny letters demanding that they leave. Hilda will have none of this but then chaos ensues as the “people of the Northern Elven Valley” start to implement their forcible eviction from the premises. Hilda’s Mum is all for moving out to the town but Hilda insists they stay. Her Mum gives in but only on the condition that Hilda finds a way somehow to befriend these elves. Channelling Tove Jansson and Hayao Miyazaki, Pearson is developing his chops still further here, crafting pages as crisp and appealing as the best all-ages bande dessinée albums of today. Hilda is the perfect plucky little heroine for this endearing 21st century folklore.”

Here’s a page which gives absolutely nothing away and fails to sum up the tone of the book, but I think is pretty fun.



For info and preview pages, check out the pre-order page here.


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8 Responses to Hilda and The Midnight Giant – Cover

  1. Mikal says:

    Haven’t visited your site for a few months but glad I did today! Good God your work is good and the cover to Hilda and the Midnight Giant really blew me away.

  2. Mariana Lauria says:

    The first comic book I really enjoy since my childhood! Read half of it, had to force myself to stop so I can read some more tomorrow. I wish it could last forever… Now I have to find an available copy of Hilda Folke!

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  4. Jack says:

    Bought Hildafolk a little while back- really enjoyed it! looking forward to buying this at some point. The cover (typography-and-layout-wise) kinda reminds me of Tintin books (which is a good thing as they’re brilliant too!)

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  7. Mark Aronson says:

    I was visiting the local library with my eight-year-old son the other day. I found Hilda and the Midnight Giant on the shelf. It caught my eye, and I thought it might appeal to my son. I cracked it open and immediately fell in love with the artwork. So I sat down and started reading. Dang!

    I’ve been a fan of the comics medium for 30 years. I know a little something about its history and the techniques involved in telling a story. The skill and artistry I find there sometimes makes me giddy. And this book is really something special. It’s a sweet story, but utterly genuine. It’s full of magic, but the world has its own logic to it and the characters ring true. The comedic timing (Yes, comics have timing.) is masterful. The look and feel of the world is gorgeous and child-like and compelling. The characters are wonderfully expressive, too. This guy knows his cartooning.

    Seriously fine work. I can’t wait to pick up another Hilda book. Or, frankly, pretty much anything Pearson does.

  8. Meeghan says:

    Wow, what a cool book. My son and I loved it!!! Will tell everyone how fantastic it is!

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