Hilda and The Midnight Giant



Here’s Hilda watching over the stock at my signing at Gosh! Comics on 26th November 2011. And now for some spreads from the book:



Hilda and The Midnight Giant is out and available to buy now (preferably buy it straight from Nobrow or support your local comic shop and get it from there. If they don’t have it, ask them to get it! You can get it from Amazon if you must, but no one wins in that deal but Amazon.)


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5 Responses to Hilda and The Midnight Giant

  1. *LOVED* Hilda and the Midnight Giant. Exellent use of colour too, very inspirational! Might have to steal some of your colour choices for my new book. So thanks for that :)

  2. Whoa! Looks great! Everything We Miss was really nice, I will soon check and get it at the comic shop!

  3. Jim N says:

    I got the book yesterday and loved it. It’s my first exposure to your work and I’ve already ordered more. Hilda is a charming character and I found the story both funny and moving. The art is wonderful! Congratulations on creating a real winner. I’m recommending it to everybody!

  4. Carlos Salvador says:

    I want to thanks your amazing work, Luke. I´m trying to introduce my wife in comics and Hilda is, by the moment, my greatest hit. Also, I own a book shop in Almería, Spain, and people are liking so much the three Hilda albums that are published here, so congratulations and thanks again. The only problem is the publisher, Barbara Fiore Ed. Is one of the best publishers for little kids in Spain, but almost without any presence in comic shops. In fact, I think Hilda series are the only comics they edit. I´m moving Hilda through my best clients and friends, but I think ReservoirBooks, Planeta DeAgostini Comics or, if you prefer independent publishers, Norma Ed., Dib buks or Astiberri could be absolutely better places for your next works.

    Pd: Sorry about my english. I haven´t practice it for a few years.

  5. Mark says:

    Lovely work across the whole of your site. You have great style and a refined eye for colour. Hilda and the huge grey giant remind me of Tove Janssen’s work. Hilda looks like she’s related to ‘Little My’.

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