Hilda by Felt Mistress


Thanks to the hard work of the amazing Felt Mistress, Hilda has at last stepped forth into the 3 dimensional, felt and blood world. She’s huge, the size of an actual little girl, so I feel like I know a little of what it’s like to be the father of a strange, globe headed daughter now. It also makes it all the more troubling when she’s bundled into a dufflebag on wheels and dragged away by a cruel Nobrow employee. She’ll be accompanying me to any appropriate appearances so perhaps you’ll get to meet her and shake the end of one of her fully-poseable arms.


Felt Mistress/Louise Evans creates all manner of stitched people and creatures with partner in crime Jonathan Edwards (who did an incredible drawing of Hilda himself, which pretty much improves on my own design in every conceivable way) and is very very good. It’s a delight to get to hang about with one of her creations.

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