Solipsistic Pop 4


This was my contribution to Solipsistic Pop 4. The theme of the issue was ‘maps’ and so I decided to create a sort of broken down map of the experience of being me at the moment of the comic’s inception.

I decided to really push how small I could make the text and still have it be readable. Perhaps expectedly, for quite a few people, I pushed too far. Its illegibility is maybe no great loss. The words are pretty much just guff that fell out of my head as I typed anyway. But for anyone who felt like they missed out:


Read page 1 hi-res HERE .  Read page 2 hi-res HERE


You can read more about Sol Pop 4 HERE and buy it HERE.


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2 Responses to Solipsistic Pop 4

  1. N says:

    i am a illustrator too and this is so beautiful that I can’t look it anymore
    well done!

  2. me says:

    Sorry but that looks very, very much like the work of Chris Ware, are you a big fan?

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