Who is Rupert Ray?

A drawing I did for the exhibition ‘Who is Rupert Ray?’, an exhibition for the launch of ‘Rupert Ray’, a new agency founded by Alex Maclean and Caroline Matthews, both previously of Airside. A bunch of artists answered that very question by doing portraits of said character, a bio of whom can be found in their ‘about’ section.


My Rupert is a kind of old eccentric, posing in his studio with all the cool stuff he’s acquired over the years. There were some real illustration badasses in the lineup including Jean Jullien, Adrian Johnson, Dick Hogg, Pete Fowler and tons more which you can see here.


Please click the picture for full size, because it looks a lot cooler that way.

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4 Responses to Who is Rupert Ray?

  1. Mikal says:

    Reminds me of Maurice Vellekoop.

  2. Nicola Brady says:

    I love your illustration style – really enjoyed looking through your site!

  3. demo says:

    It is so funny.I know you from “Some People”, and I do love this type of the storys.

  4. Bro, your illustration are simply amazing! I am already having one of your books to be sent to brazil! tnanks a lot for your gorgeous and inspiring artwork!!!

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