Guardian Weekend


I did this comic for The Guardian for a section called ‘A Cartoonist’s Worldview’.



Here it is next to some stairs.

The contributor list was made up of some of my favourite cartoonists going so I was pretty excited about getting to take part. It included Stephen Collins, Kate Beaton, Lilli CarrĂ© (you should read her book The Lagoon, it’s one of my favourite comics), Gabrielle Bell (I think her one might have been the best), Tom Gauld, Ivan Brunetti, Nicholas Gurewitch and Modern Toss. You can read all of them over on the Guardian website, right here.

Also, a big thanks to Becky Barnicoat for helping make it happen. She draws great comics and should have been in it as well.

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4 Responses to Guardian Weekend

  1. Tomek says:

    Concerns each of us…
    Clever, wonderful, perfect!

  2. Simply amazing. Fantastic mood, theme and human egoistic nature.

  3. I saw Hilda on Boing Boing and was intrigued and clicked it on my Amazon wishlist. I ended up here from an unrelated image. I casually browsed and then fell into this comic. And now I want everything you’ve ever done. Amazing.

  4. Kendall says:

    I really hate these. The implications in this are manipulative.
    We don’t know the couple are not involved in their communities, we don’t know that they aren’t actively promoting for social change. But worst of all, they are doing something, they are living their lives, they are pursuing happiness, and perusing the solutions to their own lives without getting frozen by the insolubility of the larger problems of society which are ageless and intractable.

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