I noticed I never pointed out that all 12 pages of this comic are online now. So here it is. It’s a couple of years old now and it shows in places, but I’m still pretty pleased with some of the stuff in here, particularly all those trees and the creature itself (the design of which is based on/stolen from Tezuka’s weird dog police cars from Astro Boy.) It also features what I still believe to be the best panel I’ve ever drawn.


You can either read it online over at spera-comic.com (where you can read other stuff featuring the same characters and world, including the ongoing story Glass Flowers, other stand-alone shorts like mine or the original online collaboration which I also contributed to some time ago) or you can click on the image above to read through it right here.

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  1. Ben Cohen says:

    Ben Towle shared this. I think we can both agree. We love it.

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