I feel a bit lame putting this on my site, buuuutttt if you have the right kind of phone-like item and you’re into that sort of thing you could follow me on Instagram as thatlukeperson. Or look at all my pictures online here. I post a lot of work in progress and sketchbook stuff that doesn’t get seen elsewhere. But not too much. I promise there are no photos of my meals (except this cool potato).


Note my Friend of Oily Comics card drawn by Charles Forsman, a sneaky look at Loin des Yeux (the French edition of Everything We Miss) and Philippa Rice giving the now deceased snow mage a kiss.

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  1. Linocutboy says:

    I have four of those Chinese Tintin books! I bought them in a Beijing market. Each frame has been carefully copied by hand, presumably to try to get round copyright issues.

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