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Adventure Time


I did some storyboards for Adventure Time a while ago! If you are unfamiliar with the process, it basically involves taking a paragraph describing what happens in a given scene and then coming up with exactly what will happen, how it will look, how it will move and what the characters say. It’s probably the most satisfying thing I’ve gotten to do so far and I’m extremely grateful to all involved for giving me a shot. I’m hoping I’ll get to do some more in the near future.

I worked on the episodes Candy Streets and Frost & Fire alongside Somvilay Xayaphone and was responsible for about half of each one. I thought I’d share a couple of shots I’m particularly proud of, my original crappy drawing and how it looks once the designers, animators and background artists have had their way with it. I also designed the title cards, which were then painted over and made to look cool.



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Slate Book Review

I did a series of illustrations for the Slate Book Review in April 2013. It was fun getting to such a varied bunch of stuff all under one brief, but the turnaround was tight so I’ve excluded some of the ropier ones.  See below each image for a link to the article or review they accompanied.


The Curious Incidence of Dogs in Publishing by Daniel Engber


Thesis Hatement by Rebecca Schuman


First We Stake Manhattan (Review of The Measure of Manhattan by Marguerite Holloway)


Perfect Game (Scott Korb’s review of Baseball as a Road to God by John Sexton)


The Way of the Egghead is Hard (Rebecca Onion’s review of Aaron Lecklider’s Inventing the Egghead)

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New Republic

Illustration for an article called Hey Vegetarians: Congress Doesn’t Like You in New Republic.

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Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin


A couple of pieces for Germany’s SZ-Magazin, the Friday supplement of Süddeutsche Zeitung. The cover is from October 2013, the other piece is from an issue earlier in the year accompanying an interview with Cornelia Funke.

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These are some covers I’ve done over the course of the last couple of years and for whatever reason haven’t put them on my site yet. This first one is for a young adult book called Mothership, which is about a school for pregnant teenagers in space. You can read about it here. Note: The colour was shifted to purple by the publisher at the last minute. You can see my original version here.



This one is for my Granddad’s book about Erik Bloodaxe. You can read about it and order a copy here. I was really excited and proud to get to work with him on this. He basically designed the cover for me (see his rough drawing below, alongside the final for comparison).




This is the cover for an educational science comic about Malaria, the way the parasite works and what scientists are trying to do about it. The comic itself is drawn by Edward Ross, creator of the film theory comic series Filmish and now Grow, a great autobio series about becoming a parent for the first time. The interiors were coloured by Tom Humberstone, editor of Solipsistic Pop and currently cartoonist for New Statesman.


You can read the comic in full here.



This was done for a new edition of Ian Serraillier’s The Silver Sword. It went unused in the end.

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New York Times


This is a small piece for The New York Times letters page. It accompanied a letter titled Invitation to a Dialogue: Rebuild the House, which you can read here. It puts forward the idea of reducing the average size of Congressional districts from 710,000 to 100,000. This would increase membership of the House of Representatives from 435 to about 3100, the benefit of this being that “these men and women would owe their seats more to the reputation they enjoyed within their community and less to the half-truths and misinformation put out by slick mass media campaigns paid for by the big-money interests.”


Philippa Rice made this GIF to demonstrate the funny face I hid in it.



This is another NYT piece I did last year for a letter titled Sunday Dialogue: Schools for Rich and Poor. You can read that one here.

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