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I feel a bit lame putting this on my site, buuuutttt if you have the right kind of phone-like item and you’re into that sort of thing you could follow me on Instagram as thatlukeperson. Or look at all my pictures online here. I post a lot of work in progress and sketchbook stuff that doesn’t get seen elsewhere. But not too much. I promise there are no photos of my meals (except this cool potato).


Note my Friend of Oily Comics card drawn by Charles Forsman, a sneaky look at Loin des Yeux (the French edition of Everything We Miss) and Philippa Rice giving the now deceased snow mage a kiss.

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Hilda by Felt Mistress


Thanks to the hard work of the amazing Felt Mistress, Hilda has at last stepped forth into the 3 dimensional, felt and blood world. She’s huge, the size of an actual little girl, so I feel like I know a little of what it’s like to be the father of a strange, globe headed daughter now. It also makes it all the more troubling when she’s bundled into a dufflebag on wheels and dragged away by a cruel Nobrow employee. She’ll be accompanying me to any appropriate appearances so perhaps you’ll get to meet her and shake the end of one of her fully-poseable arms.


Felt Mistress/Louise Evans creates all manner of stitched people and creatures with partner in crime Jonathan Edwards (who did an incredible drawing of Hilda himself, which pretty much improves on my own design in every conceivable way) and is very very good. It’s a delight to get to hang about with one of her creations.

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Nobrow Profile


I did this self-portrait to accompany my Nobrow artist profile, which also includes a short interview with me and some process work/photos.


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Everything We Miss Signing Tour

I’m going on tour! Throughout July I’ll be at a number of comic shops signing (and drawing in) my new book ‘Everything We Miss’. The image above is a limited edition A2 litho print poster which you’ll get free if you buy the book on the day. You can also now order it separately from the Nobrow shop.


Here’s the info and links to facebook events:


15th July @ Daves Comics, Brighton

23rd July @ Travelling Man, Leeds

30th July @ Travelling Man, Newcastle

13th August @ Gosh! Comics, London


So yeah, if you can make it to any of these, please do come along! It’d be great to say hi (and you’ll be saving me the embarrassment of nobody showing up). The book’s run a little late, but will be available for normal pre-order very, very soon and I’ll make sure you know all about it when it is.


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Nobrow Shop

Nobrow asked me to do a picture of their shop front because in reality it’s obscured by two fugly lamp posts. It’s not 100% accurate, the real thing doesn’t actually say ‘Nobrow Ltd.’ on the top, but in my opinion it totally should. If you’re in London you should definitely stop by.


Not only can you buy my comics Hildafolk and (soon) Everything We Miss there along with stuff by other No-bro’s like Jack Teagle and Mikkel Sommer, but there are also comics from afar, such as those put out by Koyama Press, making it a good comics shop in its own right. Plus there’s prints, crazy toys and a regularly refreshed exhibition space which is exhibiting somebody pretty cool at any given time.


So get your butt down to 62 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3QR, London.

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Digital Artist 20

If you were to pick up issue 20 of Digital Artist Magazine, you’d find an interview with me inside it. It’s pretty long. It covers six pages! I’m not sure what’s covered as I can’t bring myself to re-read my answers, but I imagine it’s probably something about comics and illustration.

It’s also got an interview with Nobrow’s Sam Arthur and a bunch of useful tutorials

Speaking of interviews, since they’re not linked to anywhere else on here, I did an interview with brilliant comics blog Avoid the Future back in March, as well as an earlier one question interview about geometry and patterns in my work.


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